My adventure with DOBERMANN started in 1987 with Elsa, a female without a pedigree whom I loved dearly. Since then I have become deeply attached to the dobermann’s traits of character. Elsa died when she was 5 years old.

My love for this breed had always been in my heart but until 2003 I had no possibility of keeping dogs. After I graduated the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, I met Alexandra, my wife and we made up our mind to buy a Dobermann female. After long inquiries, we decided for Karma – Kira Kiss el Valaho – because we knew her mother very well, Hanuma Wodoo Majesty. Karma has proved her qualities in numerous national and international shows, Clubs and FCI.
Karma, which means “faith” in Greek, inspired us to have our own kennel. After many requests for the kennel’s name to FCI (we had 5 requests rejected), the only one accepted was RELLAPS, which is, actually, our surname Spaller  in reversed order J.

In 2006 we had our first RELLAPS litter after mating Karma with our beloved Jared (CAYA Jared) but we had only 3 puppies: 1 black male - Rellaps Admiral, 1 brown male Rellaps Amaretto and 1 black female Rellaps Abygail whom we decided to keep in our kennel.

But the real adventure has just begun ……..